Just Start.

Here I am, taking a deep breath and starting. I've been reading/pinning/watching videos about how to start a blog - and they all stress a similar point. Just start already. Ok fine. 

Basically this blog will contain both the business and the personal side of Timber + Lace Interior Design. Here I will post information and updates about my design projects + successes/struggles of being a newbie entrepreneur; as well as posts about my life as a wife, mom, daughter, friend + woman and all the crazy adventures that come along with that. 

At this point I'm not sure what will come of this new venture, but I hope that it will give my readers (omg, I hope I get a least a few readers) a resource for relatable local design + simple lifestyle concepts, as well as a way for me to document my progress in both business + life.

Maybe I'll get into a few specifics.

Let me be clear on what this blog will not be.  This blog will not be full of the cute fashions I wear or my 10 'must know' makeup + hair tips. Those posts are great - I love reading them on other blogs - but right now, that is so not my realm of knowledge - at all. As far as fashion goes - I am pro sweatpants all the way. Even my lululemons don't make the cut for the level of comfort that I desire at home. Also, I'm not talking about those cute 'jogger' athleisure sweats either - I mean the stained, hole in the crotch, husband hand-me-down sweats. I have quite the impressive collection in varying shades of grey. I guess I should mention that I do pull on something presentable (but basic) when I venture out into public - but gross old sweats are definitely my at-home uniform.

What you can expect to find on here. In addition to me gloating about my design projects + my amazing clients, you may find a few other things as well. The occasional successful (or unsuccessful) attempt of me preparing a nourishing meal for my family. The adventures of my 2 year old daughter or the entertaining horror tales that will occur once we start renovating our country bungalow. Whatever it is, I can ensure you that I will always be as honest and transparent as possible - because being fake is kind of a waste of time.

There! I wrote my first blog post. I hope that I intrigued a few of you out there. I'm excited to see where this will end up!

Take care,