New Year…Same Us?

Is seems that we have now fully settled into 2019; I am working on polishing off the Christmas baking from the freezer, and the girls are enjoying integrating their new toys into the toy explosion that is our home.

Our little family has come a long way since it was just Rob and I in our tiny apartment in Winnipeg with the super loud + sketchy neighbors. The last 9 years feel like a lifetime of events have happened - which is a totally naive thought, since obviously there is so much more to come. Since getting married we have travelled (a little but not much), moved cities, bought our 1st house, both started careers, got our fur baby (Ripley Bear), had Miss Maevy, started my business, sold our 1st house, bought our 2nd house (Rob’s parent’s) + moved out to the country, and then along came Miss Lindy Loo. The way our lives were at the beginning is a faint but happy memory now; and the excitement about the future is…well…exciting (+ scary).

With all that has happened, I finally feel like a real adult, living a real adult life. I’m no longer a young adult or a student or a recent grad - I’m a legit, full-fledged adult. I don’t know exactly when I started feeling this way, but I’ve been noticing the feeling a lot lately. Life has never been as busy and challenging as it is now. Trying to fit everything into the day while still trying to maintain some sort of sanity often seems unattainable; but somehow it’s so wonderful at the same time. It’s such a crazy thing.

I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for me and my little family! What changes are on the horizon, what goals will be set + met and what milestones the girls will hit! Now if only 2019 could get out of this freezing cold spell - am I right?

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